District Admin

The PEG Writing Site

You will receive a secure user name and password to access the full writing website to help manage PEG Writing for the district. Upon logging in, district administrators can change their password, access the Help page, adjust personal display settings, and access the four main action tabs for a District Administrator: Schools, Prompts, Users, and Reports.


Through the Reports tab, District administrators can access a wide variety of reports that provide data about district, school, and class performance, progress, prompts and usage in PEG Writing.

District Admin Reports

  • To access reports, click the Reports tab. 
  • Click the reports site link to navigate to the Reporting Web Portal sign-in. 
  • Enter your PEG Writing username and password to access the Administrator reports through the Web Portal. 

Selecting a District

You can be assigned to one or more districts. This assignment will determine which districts you will have access to in PEG Writing. 

  • To begin working with a specific district, click the name of the district from your list of districts. 
  • To change the district that you would like to manage, click the drop down menu in the left corner of the page and select a different district.