The Courses Tab

As school administrator you have complete access to your school in order to manage the courses. Click on one of the tabs to find out more information on how to perform a specific task.

If you need to add a teacher to a course, click on the name of the course, choose Add, and click on the teacher's name from the register existing dropdown. Once that teacher logs on then they will see the assigned course.

By clicking on the name of a course, you can change the courses's name, grade level or status and add or remove teachers. 

Inactive courses may be viewed by selecting All Courses from the drop down menu. 

Managing Courses

The Manage School page includes links to manage courses created for the school and tabs for navigating through the website.

Manage School List

Pre-Registered Courses

  • Teachers and students are typically pre-registered for courses in PEG Writing. If a particular student is not enrolled, please see the section on Courses and Adding Students to a Course
  • The Courses table lists each course by the date it was created, course name, course code, status, assigned grade level, and the number of students added. Use the page numbers and the Previous/Next buttons below the table to view more courses.

Adding a New Course

  • Click the Add Course button to create an additional course. 
  • On the Manage Course/New Course page, type the Course Name. 
  • Select the Grade Level from the drop down list, set the Status to Active, and click Save
  • Repeat this process for each of the courses you wish to create.

Editing an Existing Course

School administrators in PEG Writing can edit any course in the school including pre-registered and manually added courses.

  • To edit a course from the Manage School page, click on the course name in the Courses list. 
  • School Administrators and teachers can change the Course Name as desired. 
  • To add a teacher to the course, click Add and select from the Existing users or create a new teacher account. Click Add Teacher
  • To remove a teacher from the course, click the radio button next to the teacher's name and click Remove.

Deactivating a Course

  • From your courses home page, select a course.
  • Change a status from Active to Inactive.
  • Click Save.

Helpful Links

At the bottom of each page are links to helpful documents and information.

  • Click Guides to view printable user guides.
  • Click Rubrics to view PEG's scoring rubrics for the Six Traits of Writing and constructed response essays, as well as teacher-scored rubrics for textual evidence and content accuracy.
  • Click Example Essays to view essays for all genres and grade levels along with explanations relating to their PEG scores.
  • Click Help Center to access additional information and support.
  • Click Graphic Organizers to download PDF versions of the program's graphic organizers.
  • Click Frequently Asked Questions to access answers to common questions regarding the program.