PEG Writing Teacher of the Year: Is it YOU? There's Still Time to Nominate!


We understand the hard work that teachers put into their classrooms everyday: working diligently to write lessons, reach goals, grade papers, add rigor, conference with parents and students, meet deadlines, and demonstrate growth in both their students and their own practice, all while also maintaining a life outside of school... whatever that means.

Our goal with PEG Writing is to support teachers as much as we possibly can. We want to show appreciation for the teachers who are using PEG Writing to power student achievement, enhance the student experience, and increase student confidence and proficiency, all while saving themselves time. We want teachers to know that we see what they are doing, how hard they are working, and the great strides they are making in their classrooms.

Teaching is a challenging profession, and we want to celebrate teachers who are going above and beyond for the benefit of their students. That's why we're looking for the PEG Writing Teacher of the Year, a champion of our program who has seen great success in their classroom, who is excited about PEG and who shares it with their teammates and colleagues.

We have some incredible submissions so far. Some statements about our nominees are:

  • “I took the leap [with PEG Writing]. I am never looking back and I tell everyone about PEG.”
  • “For the first time in my career, my students were able to see the value in revision and the recursive process that writing truly is.”
  • “[He] has made PEG Writing a cornerstone of writing instruction on our campus.”
  • “[He] regularly communicates with our district about how PEG is assisting us in the classroom, and I am able to glean information about prompts and how his data from PEG informs his teaching.”
  • I have shared [PEG Writing] best practices with two other content areas teachers in my grade level, one of which sat in my room and saw it in action!”

It is wonderful to see how our clients are able to use PEG Writing in their schools and encourage young writers. As difficult as it will be with the nominations we have already, we are looking forward to having more contenders for our first ever PEG Writing Teacher of the Year!

Nominations are accepted through March 31st. We will be reviewing all entries in April and will be thrilled to announce our first ever PEG Writing Teacher of the Year in May!

The winner will receive the following:

  • Plaque to display

  • Feature in the PEG Writing blog: The Write Way and the PEG Post Newsletter

  • Full registration to one of the premier educational conferences of 2019

  • PEG Writing swag bag

Send in your nomination today!

Photo by: Matthew Henry