Providing Students with Teacher Feedback

Using built-in communication tools found in the student's Score Reports, teachers can review student work and provide feedback about their writing.

Finding the Student's Score Report

  • You can access a student's score report through the Course Home Page in the Student Writing History section.
    • Click the Home tab to navigate to the Course Home Page. 
    • Under the Student Writing History, click the date next to the student writing you wish to review.
  • Another way is to click the Reports tab. In the Performance section, click the Class Averages: Trait and Total Scores link, click the student name in the chart or in the table, and then click the date next to the writing you wish to review.  

    Sticky Note Comments within the Essay

    • To leave a comment within the student's writing, highlight the text, click the yellow Add Comment button, enter your comments in the text box and click OK.
    • To leave a comment about spelling, highlight the text, click the Mark Spelling button, enter your comments in the text box, an click OK.
    • To leave a comment about grammar, highlight the text, click the Mark Grammar button, enter your comments in the text box, an click OK.
    • Repeat this process for each comment that you would like to make in the student's writing.

    Scoring for Textual Evidence and Content Accuracy

    • To score student writing for Textual Evidence and/or Content Accuracy, click on the number of stars (1, 2, or 3) to designate the student's score. Refer to the attached scoring rubric link to assist with determining a score.
    • Once a score is designated for a particular student, it can be changed but cannot be removed.
    • To add comments, click Edit, type your comments, and click Save.
    • Note: A comment cannot be added without assigning a score. To add a comment, first assign a score by clicking the number of stars.

    Teacher-to-Student Messaging

    • Scroll to the bottom of the score report to leave a general comment or suggestion for the student. 
    • Click inside the Messages box, type your comments, and click Post Message. The student will receive the message in their Student Writing History upon login.   
    • Teachers can also leave students a message on the student's graphic organizer page and on student essay drafts that have been saved but not scored.

    National Norm Data: Percentile Rank and Stanine

    • PEG Writing offers national normative data for student drafts in the form of percentile ranks and stanines which will appear on each draft a student submits. 
    • The percentile rank (1-99) shows the student’s standing when compared to others in the norm group for this assessment. The rank is based on scores earned by a representative sample of students in the same grade in a national norming group. It indicates the percentage of students who scored at or below this student’s score. A percentile rank of 68, for example, indicates that this student scored as high as or higher than 68 percent of all students in the norm group.
    • A stanine is a score from 1 to 9, directly related to percentile ranks, as shown below. 


    Stanine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    Percentile Rank 1-3 4-10 11-22 23-39 40-59 60-76 77-88 89-95 96-99
    • Stanines are derived by dividing the entire distribution of students into nine segments based on a normal distribution of scores.  Stanines 1-3 are generally regarded as low performing, while stanines 4-6 correspond to “average” performance, and stanines 7-9 indicate high performance.