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PEG Writing's Newest Feature: National Normative Data


You’re at the end of a unit and you want to see what your students have learned. What do you do? The easy thing would be to give them a test. But that would only show what they know, not what they’ve learned. You realize that you probably should have started the unit with a pre-test to see where your students were before you taught the lessons. (Don’t worry; we’ve all been there!) As student growth is the goal, you need a marker at the beginning to have something to compare to at different points in the year.

How can I use PEG stanines in my classroom/school?

PEG Writing has recently added

Using PEG Writing as an RTI or Screener Tool


Benchmarks. Mid-terms. Remediation. Math. Science. Reading. Multiple choice. Short answer. So many tests. So much grading to be done. Stacks of papers to read. When do you have the time? Can you administer a test, score it, give feedback and return it to students in time for it to be meaningful? Before you move on to the next topic, leaving those struggling students to fall further and further behind?

We all know that assessments are essential to see where students are in their learning. To use them effectively, teachers should be able to grade the tests and give students feedback in a